Rules, Terms & Conditions

(1) Under no circumstances will a personal reading be uploaded onto any of my social media. This rule may change, but most importantly, it will be up to the person being read. Otherwise it will be confidential, as I do ask personal and private questions during the reading.
(2) I like to call myself an intuitive, not a psychic. The cards are simply a tool by which I use to read information. I will make mistakes. Reading is a collaborative effort. I read upon the energies, and will ask the client for clarification. I cannot guarantee a good outcome everytime.
(3) I will only be taking on work that revolves around inner work and self-reflection. Love, relationships, finances, and etc. will be lightly delved into. I am more focused on the person I am reading. I will keep religion neutral considering everyone come from different walks of life, and will call any higher powers 'Spirit', 'Cosmos', and 'God' in an effort to be inclusive.
(4) I have limited energy considering my other interests and focus. Personal readings will be limited. I have a spiritual Instagram for updates.
(5) I will be off for the Pagan, Wiccan and Christian holidays. Other reasons may include deadlines, vacation, and etc.
(6) Please cancel your appointments no less than two days before the session.
(7) Once you have paid, you will have to wait three business days. Please work on any questions you wish to ask at your session.
(8) Please e-mail me when you are purchasing a reading. Follow the forms that are offered. I do not accept e-mails outside of it.
(9) I do not offer emergency readings at this time.

Thank you for reading!

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